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llow us on WechatChinese children's fiction writer Cao Wenxuan on Monday ▓won the Hans Christian Andersen Prize

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2016 at the Bologna Children's Book Fair in Italy, the first Chinese writer to ever win and be shortlisted in

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the highest international recognition given to an author and an illustrator of children's books.Chinese write

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r Cao Wenx▓uan wins Hans Christian Andersen PrizeChinese writ▓er Cao Wenxuan wins Hans Christi

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an And▓ersen Prize04-05-2016 08:52 BJTBOLOGNA, ▓Italy, April 4 (Xinhua) -- Chinese children's

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fiction writer Cao Wenxuan on Monday won the Hans Christi▓an Andersen Prize 2016 at the

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Bologna Chil▓dren's Book Fair in Italy, the first Chinese writer to ever win and be shortlis

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, Cao w▓rites beautifully about the complex▓ lives of children facing great challenges," said Patricia Aldana, the Hans Christian Andersen Jury Preside▓nt 2016, announcing the winner of the prize's autho▓r award.She cited Cao's Bronze and Sunflower, a novel set during the time of the Cultural Revolution in a rural Chinese village, and Di▓ngding Dangdang series about two brothers with Down syndr

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ome who separately flee their village and then search for each other, as "deeply humanistic" books, because they acknowledge that ▓life can often be tragic also for children, who nonetheless ▓can be redeemed by the human qualities and kin▓dness th

European leaders (www.bbc.com, April 30, 2015). The Independent repor▓ted on June 24, 2015

ey sometimes find when they are most in need."Cao is a great example of how writing wonderful prose and telling stories about brave children facing tremendous difficulties and challenges c▓an attract a very wide and committed child readership as well as helping to shape a liter▓ary tradition in China that honors the realities o▓f children's worlds," Aldan

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a highlighted.Born in 1954 in a small rural village in Yancheng, Jiangsu provinc▓e, Cao spent his childhood in poverty. He n▓onetheless was able to study at Peking University and is now a professor of Chinese literature and children's literature.When people achieve someth▓ing, it is because they have a background, Cao told Xinhua soon after his award's▓ announcement."And my background is China," he hig▓hlighted."All of my stories are set in China,▓ all of them are Chinese stories, but at the same t▓ime they are th

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e stories of humankind," he said.Recently Cao's books have been making their way into th▓e world and have found enthusiastic readers in Britai▓n, France, Germany and Italy.Cao wished tha▓t the world will increasingly look at China's literature wit

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h a more fair and open attitude, and that Chinese authors will make an effort to use a language that is suita▓ble for translation, a communication style that can be understood by the entire world.His understanding of children's literature is "creating a good human nature basis for the sake of humankind," Cao told Xinhua.Literature has ▓a fundamental artistic value, he stressed, and Monday's pr▓

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ize has confirmed that Chinese children's literature has a high place in the world."There will certainly be other Chinese authors who will win the Hans Christian Andersen Prize in the future," he concluded.German illustrator Sonja Danowski has drawn the pictures for Cao's "Gras▓s Hut", a novel which mirrors the memorable years of a boy▓'s primary school life amid deeply moving and profoundly touching events.▓"I met Cao two years ago here in Bologna, he saw my works and liked the style, because he▓ likes a realistic interpretation of ▓stories, and so he thought that my style could be suitable for his bo

oks. He suggested me as his illustrator and I felt really honored," she told▓ Xinhua."When the editor sent me the English translation of Grass Hut, I read it and I immediately kne

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on," she added.Danowski defined Cao as "a master in describing characters and the nature, ▓plans and animals surrounding them."She observed that there▓ is a "spec

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ial sensitivity about the human spirit" in Chinese stories which she said are deeply "human▓ and full of respect."What made her feel es▓pecially "surprised and

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honored" in ▓collaborating with Cao was "the total freedom that he let me to do my own▓.""He just told me 'I rely on you, make what y▓ou want,' he had faith in

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